AntiCorr AB
Smedgatan 7
576 33 Sävsjö

Tel: +46 382-613 80

Fax: +46 382-670 42

Sub-contract work 

"Expertise and flexibility"

We are flexible and we also have great possibilities to develop special solutions directly in accordance with the requirements and wishes of our customers.

AntiCorr AB offer sub-contract work in sheet and metal working, blasting (in a modern construction with robots), plastic work, plastic coating and powder coating.

We can offer cutting work in a NC-guided laser machine or in our fine plasma machine and also robot welding and manual welding.

With more than 20 years of experience, in a modern and purposly built machine park, we can guarantee a high level of competence and flexibility. We are used to developing special solutions and we have good possibilities to adapt our products to the customers needs.